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Taking a Screenshot of a Cisco IP Phone

Taking a Screenshot of a Cisco IP Phone

The screen capture function which is available on Cisco IP Phone models can be very useful, especially in some situations that require remote support. In the following article, you can find the procedure for taking screenshots for Cisco 7800 and 8800 series IP phones.

First, let’s verify some settings on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).

CUCM Settings

In order to take a screenshot of a Cisco IP phone, the phone first must be paired with a CUCM user (End User) and web access must be enabled in the phone settings page. You can make these settings from the CUCM Administration page using the Device -> Phone menu and selecting the corresponding phone.

First you need to open the web interface of the phone. To do so, enable Web Access in the Product Specific Configuration Layout section.

Cisco IP Phone Web Access Settings

Then we need to pair the IP phone with an end user. Select the end user in Owner User ID section on the same settings page.

Pairing End User With Cisco IP Phone

After selecting the end user, select the relevant user from the User Management -> End User menu and ensure that the corresponding phone is added in the Controlled Devices field of Device Information section.

User – IP Phone Matching under End User Settings

After applying these settings, go to System -> Enterprise Parameters menu and check the user authentication URLs that the phone will use when accessing the web interface. Related settings can be found in the Phone URL Parameters and Secure Phone URL Parameters.

Service Authentication URL Settings in Enterprise Parameters

Authentication on IP phones uses the URL format below:


If the information entered is appropriate, browser displays a simple AUTHORIZED message, and if there is inconsistency in the information, UN-AUTHORIZED message is displayed. Below is a sample URL and its output:

You Can Check Your CUCM End User & Password This Way

Tip: If you want to by-pass authentication on IP phones, you can redirect the Authentication URLs under Enterprise Parameters to a webpage that will always respond as “AUTHORIZED” 🙂

Taking a Screenshot of a Cisco IP Phone From a Web Browser

If you have done all of the above steps properly, you can now take a screenshot of your IP phone. To do so, you can use the following URL:


After entering the username and password, you will see an image like the following:

Cisco 7821 IP Phone Screenshot Tkane From a Web Browser


If you get an error message like this in your web browser:

 <CiscoIPPhoneError Number=”4” /> 

This problem is probably related to authentication. Verify that the IP phone is in control of an end user and that the user’s credentials are correct. To see this easily, you can test and adapt the above authentication URL format to your phone. If the URL works but the phone’s web page still shows the same error, reset the phone and try again.

 <CiscoIPPhoneError Number=”0” /> 

This error indicates that the phone cannot connect to the URL provided in CUCM for authentication. There can be many things that can cause this issue, and almost all of them are about the accessibility. Please check the settings like routing from IP telephones to CUCM (or authentication server), DNS etc.