Cisco – Huawei Command Mapping Table

Cisco – Huawei Command Mapping Table

The command interface commands of Cisco and Huawei network devices, -which are the two most used vendors in the networking world-, are different from each other. In the table below you can find the equivalents of the basic router commands from two different vendors:

Cisco – Huawei Command Mapping Table:

show interfacesdisplay interface
show ip routedisplay routing-table
show ip interfacedisplay ip interface
show versiondisplay version
show ip bgpdisplay bgp routing-table
show clockdisplay clock
show portdisplay port-mapping
show flashdir flash: (user view modunda)
show loggingdisplay logbuffer
show snmpdisplay snmp-agent statistics
show frame-relay pvcdisplay fr pvc-info
show usersdisplay users
disablesuper 0
conf tsystem-view
show policy-map interfacedisplay qos policy interface
sendsend (user view modunda)
write terminal (sh run)display current-configuration
sh startupdisplay saved-configuration
write erasereset saved-configuration
write mem (wr / copy run start)save
clear countersreset counters interface
enable secret (conf modunda)super pass cipher (system modunda)
term monterm debu
debug / no debugdebugging / undo debugging
copy running-configsave safely
terminal monitorterminal monitor
terminal no monitorundo terminal monitor
clear countersreset counters interface
clear interfacereset counters interface
clear access-list countersreset acl counter all
bootboot bootrom
aaahwtacacs scheme
terminal no monitorundo terminal monitor
tacacs-serverhwtacacs scheme
router bgpbgp
router riprip
clear ip cefreset ip fast-forwarding
clear ip route *reset ip routing-table statistics protocol all
clear ip bgpreset bgp all
show techdisplay diagnostic-information
sh ip nat translationdisplay nat session
show controllerdisplay controller
show dsl int atm 0display dsl status interface atm 2/0
sho atm pvcdisplay atm pvc-info
sho crypto isakmp sadisplay ike sa
sho crypto isakmp keydisplay ike peer
sho crypto isakmp policedisplay ike proposal
Cisco – Huawei Commands

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