CMS Wireshark Packet CaptureCMS Wireshark Packet Capture

In this article, you can find steps to get Wireshark Packet Capture over Cisco Meeting Server (CMS).

While dealing with Cisco Meeting Server (CMS), you may encounter many errors such as audio / video packet loss, signaling problems, and you may need to listen to network traffic from time to time to fix them. In this article, you can find steps to get Wireshark Packet Capture in Cisco Meeting Server (CMS).

CMS Wireshark Packet Capture Steps:

  • First, connect to your CMS server via SSH to access the CMS MMP interface.
  • In some installations, CMS may have more than one network interface. So, after connecting, use the callbridge command to find out which interface to capture from:
Find Interface Using “callbridge” Command

To start the packet capture process, use the pcap command (in our example we will use the pcap a command):

Starting Packet Capture with “pcap a” Command
  • Once you start the Packet Capture process, re-create the traffic you want to listen to, and then use the Ctrl + C key combination to finish the capture process.

Note: The size of the .pcap file can be up to 100MB.

  • You can use an SCP program to download the generated .pcap file (in our example we will use WinSCP). Connect to the CMS using the username and password that you SSH connection with the SCP program, and find the corresponding .pcap file, and then download it to your computer:
Accessing the pcap File with WinSCP

That’s all 🙂

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