How to Enable CDR & CMR on CUCM

How to Enable CDR & CMR on CUCM

The Call Detail Records (CDR) and Call Measurement Records (CMR,  also referred as “Call Diagnostics Records”) offer details for each phone call passing by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). In CUCM CDR CMR records are disabled by default, so that you have to enable them manually.

You can enable CDR and CMR in CUCM by following steps below:

How to Enable Call Detail Record (CDR) on CUCM:

  1. Login to administration page on Publisher CUCM. Click System -> Service Parameters menu.

2. Then select your server which has callmanager service enabled and then select Cisco CallManager (Active)

3. On System section find CDR Enabled Flag Parameter and set to True. If you’d like to see calls with zero duration, find CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag (just below the CDR Enabled Flag)and set to True.

4. Do this for each CUCM Server if you have more than one server that has Callmanager service enabled.

How to Enable Call Measurement (CMR) on CUCM:

  1. On the same Service Parameter menu, go up and click Advanced.

2. Find the Clusterwide Parameters section, and change Call Diagnostics Enabled Parameter from Disabled to which option you wish.  

Note: Since CMR parameter is in Clusterwide Parameters, you don’t need to enable this on each server.

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